Welcome to my Space.

Allow me to help you become acquainted to This Space.

This is a space for me to be me.  This is a space where my unfiltered skepticism is expressed without any genuine concern for what the reader thinks.

This is a space where you will come to know some of my opinions I keep from society out of fear for consequences, but shared only with you.  A space where you, the reader, are my best friend or my worst enemy.  Either way, you will know plenty about me without even knowing my name.

My name will be: Hassan.

I was born in Bangladesh and moved to the United States in early childhood.  And I have grown up in New York ever since.  I identify as a young adult, eager to both gain wisdom and share the limited wisdom I have gained.  I was raised by a Conservative Muslim Family and I identify as an Agnostic.

In this space of mine, I will share with you my journey of growing up as a very faithful minded Muslim and transitioning into Agnosticism.  The articles may be pure opinion based, while others have more research behind them.  Either way, these are my thoughts.

Before we continue, I would love to reiterate:
My name is Hassan, and I am an Ex Muslim

My name is Hassan, and I am an Ex Muslim

My name is Hassan, and I am an Ex Muslim.

That felt very good to say.

Let’s get started shall we?