When Prophets Get High: Part 1

This article has moved to my rebranded and renamed site. You can now find this article here.


3 thoughts on “When Prophets Get High: Part 1

  1. There can come a moment when self is forgotten and Reality is seen, unfiltered by hopes and fears….when Reality is seen in it ful majesty.
    That moment is the MIRACLE.

    All the miracle stories in the holy texts point to a moment that cannot be told…..only experienced.
    Those who have not experienced…..they cannot begin to imagine.

    Thus they mock and jeer.
    But it matters not.
    Not a bit.


  2. I share the same thoughts about miracles and bogus stories myself.

    People are so easily fooled just because they want to believe in something, like an ability to see through time and history or something.

    Doesn’t mean it’s true.

    Keep on writing! Love it 🙂


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