Muslim Lives: How Much Time Wasted On Being Faithful

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4 thoughts on “Muslim Lives: How Much Time Wasted On Being Faithful

  1. This is a very shallow and materialistic way of looking at the world. Let’s put aside the case of someone being forced to pray X times a day. How about a person that prays voluntarily? They can get other benefits such as peace of mind, less anxiety, happiness maybe… Yes they will not change the world, but they may have a more happy life, don’t you think?


    1. I do respect that person’s wishes. And honestly to each their own. You just have to understand that i come from a background where praying was forced. As we speak i hear people talking trash about me for not praying jummah on this Friday afternoon.


    2. And let’s go further broad, away from the individual. Let’s think as Muslim believers. Why would Allah impose mandated scheduled prayer time on humans? You’re speaking from the standpoint that whoever wants to will. I’m speaking from the standpoint that whoever doesn’t will go to hell. I’m attacking the urgency that many approach it with and calling this urgent practice disruptive and a waste of time.
      Why does Allah need his creations to acknowledge him 5 times a day? Is he insecure? Imagine i asked you to compliment me 5 times a day. What would you think ? “He shouldn’t need my compliments he should validate himself.” Why is God exempt from this?

      You see I’m going straight to the root of this practice. While you discuss the happily faithful individual (which i have nothing against) I’m discussing the mass societal norm of scheduled prayers being a thing


    3. You seem to forget about the opportunities that are wasted when one opts for prayer. You’re having fun playing a board game with your dad, and your dad goes ”I gotta pray” and he goes off to pray. You’re both watching a movie , and your dad goes ”I won’t be able to finish it, I gotta pray”. It’s friday and you wanna hang out with your friends after a week of hard work but they gotta go to mosque. Every enjoyable moment is abruptly disturbed.
      It makes you feel guilty for even having fun.
      Besides, this X times of prayer just seems so random and artificial (yes I know it’s based on natural cycli, but still). The spiritual benefits could be gotten by a whole range of different things, like spending more time with your kids, not constantly worrying about whether you have prayed enough, doing research into a wide array of fields and not just on the religion of islam which provides very little spiritual and intellectual relief, in my opinion.


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