The Most Condescending Thing To Say To Ex Muslims (And Other Skeptics of Faith)

This article has moved to my rebranded and renamed site. You can now find this article here.


3 thoughts on “The Most Condescending Thing To Say To Ex Muslims (And Other Skeptics of Faith)

  1. Wow! I am so empathetic to your home situation. I have a son who lives with his father in a conflict zone. We are not separated, the force of circumstance has made us work in different cities. I am a non-believer and he is agnostic/believer with occasional spiritual bouts. I was the primary care-taker for the first 11 years of my son’s life and I brought him up secular, reading stories from all religious books with occasional explanations why humans needed such stories at a different time. Now he is about to turn 14, we have discussed death, Life, Relationships, and everything that is taboo in Muslim culture. Though he lives with his father and bonded well with him, I’m still the secret diary where he occasionally shares his inner thoughts.

    I came upon this blog in a forum and have been trying to follow it, so your posts can come to my mail whenever you post. But there seems to be a glitch or I am not yet well-versed about the net.

    Please continue your “rants”, they are needed and I will be sharing most of your posts in forums.


    1. Thank you so much for the kind post! It is really inspiring and encourages me to continue writing here. Sometimes I wonder: with such little discussion and followership within the blog is it worth continuing? Am I talking into the air? haha
      I will surely continue writing! Hopefully you figure out how to follow! If you have any blog site you would like to share do send it my way I would love to read it!

      Follow option is on bottom left

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  2. Great blog! And no, you’re not talking into the air…there are people who lurk and read but don’t post. It’s really important that muslims doubting their faith can read a variety of opinions and insights by others who have trod the path, and know they are not alone.

    Keep writing please sir!


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