3 thoughts on “Double Standards: Salon The Christophobe

  1. It’s a meaningless endeavor, this isn’t about religion and never was. Islam is just a political football for Western political conflicts. If you’re right, you’re supposed to be “against” Islam, if you’re left, you’re supposed to be “for” Islam.

    There’s no nuance here, nor any real concern for Islam. Look no further than the fact that you could replace “Islam” with “brown people” and all of the rhetoric from both sides would stay the same.


      1. The West doesn’t care about Islam. They are neither for or against it.

        Did you hear ANYTHING about Islam, anything at all, in mainstream sources before 9/11? Nope.

        You only hear about Islam now because of the refugee crisis in Europe and so on. No one cares about Islam as a religion, they are really talking about “Muslims” i.e. brown people.

        The political right is against migration, so they are against “Islam.” The left, like Salon, is for migration, so they are favorable of “Islam.” Again, none of this has anything to do with Islam as a religion, hence why they’re eager to espouse anti-theism for Christianity but not for Islam.


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